THE QUICKENING – a poem about change


Stepping beyond
childhood dreams
Unpicking the threads
of what we think
are the seams

Between raindrops
and indrawn breath
More transcendent
than we expect

Dividing dark and dawn
Alert and yawn
A gap in perceptions
Curtain torn.

Just before
that sinking feeling
when Christ told Peter
to step on the water.

Walk out the words
Priorities sorted
Legs and direction
on prophetic options

The mystical point
in time and space
when all seemed lost
Proof beyond evidence
Aristotle’s Kairos

“A passing instant
when an opening appears”
inviting us to push
past our fears

The short tail
of a long now seized
Like the wind lifting
the leaves: Euthys

An undeniable
indefinable, haa
insisting we pause
and think: Selah

Alignment of purpose
The door’s ajar
The time’s right
Shifts happen Ma te wa

The mystical point
where faith
becomes fact
Time for the Lord to act*

A heavenly voice
at the crossroads
of eternity
Unanswered prayers
Then suddenly…

Enoch, Elijah and Moses’
molecules start to sing
Blink and don’t see a thing
The Quickening

Keith Newman (Mark 1:15; 2012-2014)
* Kairos tou poiesai to kyrio


Kotuku at Haumoana Lagoon

A special appearance by the Kotuku (white heron) a very rare bird, seen by Maori as symbolic of something rare and beautiful arrives at the Haumoana lagoon this morning. The feathers of Kotuku, like the Huia, were highly prized by Maori and were used to adorn the heads of chiefs both in life and after death